Bulldog Rescue

BRING ON THE BULL! Bulldog Rescue is 6 days and a few hundred votes away from winning some much needed funding! We are in 5th place, and we are asking for your support to get into the top 3. The only way we can do this is with your help! If you could post…Read More

Happy Tuesday from Team Bulldog!

Hi everyone! We are asking, once again, for your help. We are still in 3rd place in the 'America's Favorite Shelter' contest to win $10K for the bulldogs in rescue. If you have already voted, could we ask you to 'ask a friend', or as we like to call it 'PAW…Read More

Paw it Forward Friday!

Hi guys! Please PAW IT FORWARD this Friday by casting a vote for bulldog rescue to win $10K!! THEN- Paw it Forward by sending this card to 10 friends asking them to vote! Thank you!! LINK for card: http://www.care2.com/send/pickup/1323-42981-13354-7202

Please help bulldog rescue today!

Hi there everyone! Welcome to the TEAM BULLDOG group, created for friends, family and everyone who is 'owned' by a bulldog! :-) There are currently 485 members of this group, and it is growing daily. We really, really need some support and help to win $10K…Read More
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