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Auction to raise funds for the Special Care Baby Unit at Northampton General, UK

Hello All,

One of our beautiful founders, Theresa Wright is raising funds for the SCBU at Northampton General in the UK. Theresa has been blessed with two beautiful sons on earth after the tragic loss of 6 babies due to a blood clotting disorder that was discovered while she was pregnant with her older son Lewis.

Please check out the auction at the following facebook link:

A message from Theresa and Katie:

This group is to help raise money for the SCBU (Gosset) at Northampton General. It is a cause very close to our hearts and we want to raise lots of money to give something back.

We are doing the charity auction that is running till the end of May, a charity calender featuring lots of babies treated on Gosset, a ladies evening and we have lots of other things in the pipeline too.

If anyone has any ideas then please feel free to write them on the groups wall and we will add them to our idea list.

We don't have a target, we just want to raise as much money as possible for this fantastic cause and all help is greatly received.

Thank you all :o)

Katie and Theresa xxx



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