The Israeli Summer: Tent Cities, Bombs, Boycotts and Herzl’s Dream

If you thought Theodor Herzl’s dream was fulfilled with the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948, think again:

Lessons for Israel from Ghana

About six years ago the Ghanaian government brought a delegation of Jews from the Israeli town of Dimona to Accra, Ghana's capital, to speak about the importance of local agricultural production and consumption. But even though Ghana has a long way to go on…Read More

Hydrofracking oil in Israel?

GZA representative Dr. Orr Karassin leads KKL committee investigating shale oil: More info on shale oil and hydrofracking in Israel:​sources/articles/165

Saving Samar: Together We Can Protect the Last of Israel's Sahara

Israel's Samar sand dunes -- and the unique species that live on them -- are threatened with destruction. But with your help, we can save the dunes, protecting them for future generations. Learn how here:

Israel: The New Saudi Arabia?

Green Israel Summit 4: Oct 8 - 10, 2010 - Cold Spring, NY

Celebrate Shabbat Noach with stories, lectures and discussions in a welcoming, pluralistic setting. Explore the Jewish back-to-the-land movement and what Zionism means today. Learn about Israel and energy conservation, population growth, suburban sprawl,…Read More

Green Zionist Alliance: Moving Forward in the New Year

To recieve these updates as e-mails (with full graphic and links), please join our newsletter at ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear concerned cause member, This…Read More
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