Peace in Northern Uganda

I was in the field having a peace building outreach with community members in a village. We were exploring the current relative peace in Northern Uganda and what it means to people. Most of them said as much as there appears to be peace due to the silent…Read More

Empower a hand

When you take an action with HPH, you empower a hand which will never remain the same again.

HPH on the move!

HPH just recieved two bicycles from NGO Forum/SPRING to help with community mobilisation. This is support towards Micro-Stability Fund in response to our Peace building and reconciliation project. Four community groups have recieved 6 female goats each to…Read More

Praise Jesus!

I am excited at the way the Lord does His things. Today in the morning at Diana gardens in Gulu, Hope and Peace for Humanity (HPH) plus other CBOs signed for a small grant from SPRING through NGO Forum! This will enable the organisation contribute towards…Read More

Volunteers needed!

Do you want to volunteer your valuable time in Gulu-Uganda with HPH? Well, there is a peace and reconciliation project running and you may want to participate in it. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 0772698237 or [email protected] Let a friend…Read More

HPH for a Noble Cause

We are working on a sign post to enhance HPH visibility! Soon you will see it on the cause profile. Thanks for joining this cause and may God bless YOU!

Seeking Peace

It's not every day that we remember those in need of our support but only when they remind us. This season you can touch some one's life by giving them X-mas. It may be little but it makes sence.
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