Youth Leadership Forum Now Accepting Applications!

Dear Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Transition Specialists, and Others who work with young people with disabilities: We’re back! After a year of assessment and planning, the Virginia Youth Leadership Forum is excited to bring to YLF 2011…Read More

Free iPad and Software for Families with Children who have Autism and are Limited Verbal or Non-Verbal.

Dear Partners, The email below is for families who have children with autism who have limited or no verbal language skills. The Holly Rod Foundation is donating iPads to such families! There is a financial eligibility requirement but it's generous. A…Read More

Disability History and Awareness Day 31! Did you know:

On October 31, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Health Center Construction Act into law. This act provided federal funding for research centers to study causes of intellectual disabilities, increased…Read More

Disability History Awareness Day 30! Did you know:

In 1943 Dr. Leo Kanner of John Hopkins University introduced the classification of Autism. He was published in a paper called The Nervous Child using the term "early infantile autism" and the characteristics he described are still included in the autism…Read More

Disability History and Awareness Day 29! Did you know:

People with disabilities have had a great influence on laws that protect their civil rights. The American's with Disabilities Act(ADA), an anti-discrimination act introduced to Congress in 1988, is one example. The act was revised and negotiated several…Read More

Disability History and Awareness Day 28! Did you know:

From 1907-1966 there were 60,000 forced sterilizations performed in the United States. Indiana was the first state to pass a law requiring institutions to staff physicians to perform forced sterilization on people with disabilities whom, at the time, were…Read More

Disability History and Awareness Day 27! Did you know:

The words mentally retarded have been used to describe Joe and Rose Kennedy's oldest daughter, Rosemary, and to justify her tragedy. In 1941 Mr. Kennedy took Rosemary for a lobotomy performed by Dr. Freeman, without consulting his family, to cure her mental…Read More
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