To provide financial, educational, and emotional support for today's youth, and to facilitate development and mentoring programs nationwide: www.warm2kids.net

WARM2Kids works with national youth organizations to provide social and emotional development tools in after-school programs through the WARM2Kids web site and Learning Center Program.

The Learning Center Program provides computers, technology and accessories to YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, JCCs and other youth focused groups in an effort to create a network that promotes role model behavior.

The WARM2Kids Charitable Foundation supports this effort by providing grants, scholarships and other incentive based rewards for the exhibition and continuation of role model behavior by WARM2Kids members in the community.

1. Every child and teen is in need of support in his or her social and emotional development

2. Financial cut-backs in schools have replaced development based electives with exam based learning

3. After-school programs, especially during the high-risk hours (3-6 pm), provide a safe place for continued social and emotional development