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Dear Friends,

We have had several productive meetings with local police regarding the "Time's Up" Peaceful Community Protest this Sunday, August 21 at 12 pm (see for details).

The police have negotiated with Gunns' who have allowed us to enter their site to an area just within the front boom gate on the main drive into the mill site. There will be a clearly marked barrier at the... top of the bitumen road identifying the end of the designated area. If people go beyond this clearly designated area, they will be trespassing.

On any other day the whole area remains Gunns’ private property.

We have been watching the site carefully for weeks and no machinery has gone in. Members of the working group met with police again today and were told that there is nothing happening anywhere on site.

All other areas are Gunns private property and are signed accordingly. The police have asked for it to be made known that people choosing to access areas outside the agreed area are trespassing and can be arrested if they fail to leave upon request. Regardless of any such request, any person may receive a summons for trespassing if they enter any part of Gunns land with the exception of the area agreed.

At this stage we feel that the protest is a celebration of the community's determination as there has been no work done on site so far this month [or for nearly 7 years], despite Gunns claiming that machinery would be going in by the end of last month.

We believe it is essential to continue our opposition to this project however, strategically we believe that now is not the time to be arrested.

If people decide they will trespass and are arrested they will most probably have a bail condition to not return to the site for a period of time. Consequently if those people participated in a later arrestable protest on site while on bail, their penalty would be more harsh for the second offence.

In coming weeks we may read that the project will not go ahead. If Gunns becomes insolvent there may be attempts to sell the pulp mill project. We would then want to signal with arrestable actions that the Tasmanian community will always strongly oppose the pulp mill project in our Tamar Valley. Please consider this if you are thinking about trespassing and being arrested.

Speakers at the event will be Kim Booth, Jeremy Ball, Ruth Groom, Joanna Pinkiewincz, Lucy Landon-Lane.

See you on Sunday,

Regards, Pulp the Mill Working Group.See more

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