Peaceful Community Protest Against Gunns' Proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill

The construction of a Pulp Mill in the Tamar Valley may soon commence without a mandate from the people of Australia. It is environmentally, economically and socially disastrous. For these reasons we cannot sit back and let this project start without continuing to voice our opposition. Our petitions, rallies, reports and letters have been ignored and our democracy is seriously flawed. At this stage, it is a necessary and justifiable part of the campaign to peacefully protest and engage in civil disobedience Anti pulp mill protest as one of the means to stopping the mill.

“Pulp the Mill” is a collective of individuals firmly committed to this positive and peaceful tactic as it becomes clear we are being left with few alternatives. We invite you to join us as a supporter, or to willingly be arrested if that is what it takes for change to come.

Please help out if you can.

You can make a donation to our legal fund or action and administration fund – or both!

"Pulp the Mill – legal fund"
BSB 633-000 Acc 138361738

"Pulp the Mill" (action and admin fund)
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1. The Pulp Mill will have no social licence

2. It will reduce the quality of life of Tamar Valley residents

3. The Governments complicity with Gunns ltd has weakened Tasmanian democracy