Jobs for Afghans is moving forward!

Susan Serpa just posted a link to your cause, Stop the Surge/Escalation. Promote Exit Strategy ( Capt. Jeremiah Ellis is a man with a problem: how to spend a million dollars. American troops under his…Read More

We're going to DC 1/12 - 1/15

 Ralph Lopez (who was in the second release of "Rethink Afghansitan, toward the end) and I from will be in DC Jan. 12th - 15th lobbying Congress and the House and Senate Appropriations Committees (1) to cosponsor HR3699 blocking funding of…Read More

Senator Frank Lautenberg, “Get Food to the Starving Afghanis, NOW!”

Avert winter starvation in Afghanistan, as happens in rural areas in many years. New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg, could be a big key as he chairs the committee which oversees USAID, which can actually do something. We’re all going to be in DC this March…Read More
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