Educate and Establish a means to bring people with any type of depression or mental ilness in contact with literature and contacts where they can seek help

Depression can lead if untreated in many individuals to
become isolated leading them to pull away from friends, jobs, daily life because they feel misunderstood.
Feelings of depression if not treated may escalate and it is very dificult to deal with this all alone especially when our peers do not understand that it is a real illness and not just in our heads. In order to live a normal life , because it is possible, we must seek help and find a common ground to share our thoughts and feelings.
Suicide as a result of depression both clinical or non clinical can be prevented. Awareness together with
an understanding of what it is can create bridges for those suffering from such a crippling disorder.
IT IS ok to have DEPRESSION, it does not make you abnormal. LETS spread the word!!!

1. Educate everyone about Depression

2. Know when a loved one needs help

3. Prevent suicide and isolation as a result of depression