Amy is doing MUCH better, not counting the NASTY head-cold I gave her, and is awaiting the second half of her surgery.....where they uncover the implants in her gum's and put her "Permanent" teeth....about 45days WILL be much easier than putting…Read More

AMY says:

I wanted to thank everyone who showed me love and support during my recent surgery. It's been the 3rd worst, out of 35 facial reconstructions, since I got hit in the accident. I get discouraged sometimes, but GOD always pulls me through. Matt takes good care…Read More


Amy is progressing well in her recovery. Her Doctors have agreed to send her yo an Internal Medicine / Infectious Disease specialist....her surgery is healing GREAT!. Now we are getting help trying to find out why she get SOO sick AFTER each…Read More


Amy was admitted to the hospital @ 2am today. She had been throwing up for over 14hr. After only 2hr in the ER (one of the shortest stays in years) the Dr. admitted her. They are running test to see what could be causing her to go through this AGAIN. We…Read More

Amy's status

Amy sends her Love ans THANKS YOU for your prayers and support. Knowing that people she knows and even more she does NOT know are praying and wishing her well is a GREAT and uplifting to her spirit. She is still working hard to get better, but these minor…Read More


Amy is improving with some minor problems and some major concerns. 1) has started eating better (tender and/or mushy food) a) this has caused some "blockage" problems 2) is having LOTS of swelling .......... in her hands and feet.....not sure where this is…Read More

Amy's progress

Amy is improving. Thanks to y'alls prayers and GOD's love. She has come far but has a long way to go. PLEASE keep her in you prayers. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
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