Lending a Helping Hand To David and His Family

Our good friend David Azada is sick right now. Everyone who knows David really should call or write him. Any support would be great. I would suggest that everyone close to him should call him after nine tonight or tomorrow afternoon and continue to lend there help in any way. Thanks for your support. If you can I hope that people will donate to a fund to help David through this challenging time in his life. Don't feel pressured. The most important reason for this cause is just to give a little support to someone who needs it, and anything and everything is welcome. Thank you!
If you want to learn just a facet of David's voluminous and round character visit his characteristically creative and ridiculous myspace page. Really, it's you can have fun just taking it all in: www.myspace.com/davidazada

1. Our goal is to provide moral support to a man in need

2. Getting as many people as possible to show support

3. Helping someone to see how many people actually care for him!