To help people understand what is happening to our oceans and to aid in protecting them.

Please help and do what you can for our whales and other ocean animals that are in danger.
It is because of us that they are in danger so it is up to us to save them.

"The oceans provide half of the world’s oxygen, which is every second breath we take. In return we are emptying them of life, trawling them with giant nets which scour and devour everything in their path, heat them with global warming and pour our waste into them. Unless we want our children to inherit oceans devoid of life and beauty, we must all act to save them now,” said Shane Rattenbury leader of the expedition in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary

1. Whales and other ocean animals are vital to the wellbeing of our aquatic ecosystems

2. As migrating animals, whales have not only a local but a global impact on the oceans

3. between the 1800's and now Humpback whale population has decreased from 1.5 million to only 20,000!

4. The blue whales of the antarctic are at less than 1% of their original population despite 40 years of complete protection

5. Known environmental threats to whales include global warming, pollution, overfishing, ozone depletion, noise such as sonar weaponry, and ship strikes