Obama at the Portland Expo

Hi All, Obama is speaking tomorrow at the Portland Expo at 1:30pm. A wonderful family, who we met through The Reach School, is organizing an effort to increase community awareness regarding Autsim and Spectrum Disorders at tomorrow's event! Please join us…Read More


Hi Again, I need your stories! And.....need them by Dec 1st (aghhhh). I am sorry for the short amount of time, but we are unfortunately in a time crunch. Also, stories of all kinds are needed....from educators, case mgrs, therapists, ot's....etc,…Read More

Send me your stories.....we're making a book!!!

When I started this cause, I was hopeful for possibly 20 members....and 1 week later I am amazed as we near 100 members! To be honest, this last week has been such an exercise in living with contradictions. As Eli's school environment worsens, the support we…Read More

50+ members

Hi All, I cannot even begin to appropriately thank all that have joined this cause. Seeing the beautiful faces of the families Eli and I saw everyday for the past 2 years, literally brings me to tears. So thank you!!!! And to the friends who have joined,…Read More

Eli's Voice...planning meeting in the works

As you all know, the Maine Charter School legislation will be on the table in January of 2010. The passage of the legislation would allow the creation of specialized schools and offer families choice in the education of their children, in a profoundly…Read More
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