Everyday, thousands of children are born into poverty. The mission of My Baby Needs Clothes is to provide donations of clothing and other materials to these children.

My Kidz Got Style Launches It's New Charity, My Baby Needs Clothes

As a result of the faltering economy, I have decided to expand my charity. I'm not asking for donations here. I don't have millions, but what I do have, is the ability to help a few infant and children that live in poverty. God has blessed me in many ways. One of the ways I can pay him back, is by paying my community back.

I own an infant and children online store. Three years ago I started donating gently used clothing to families within my community. I have also donated to a few community organizations with the stipulation that they could not charge these families. But I want to do more. This is where you can help.

When you make a purchase at My Kidz Got Style, http://www.mykidzgotstyle.com, and you provide me the name of a child that is truly in need, not only do you receive a free gift, but I will send the needy child a gift of clothing in your name. Even if you decide not to purchase anything, please reach out to your community and send a name. So, you see, you can help as well.

In order to qualify, the family must prove that they are currently in dire need.

Stay blessed.
Crescentia O'Neal-Seralathan, Owner
My Kidz Got Style

1. No child should be welcomed into this world without having the proper clothing in order to survive.

2. For every order placed, My Kidz Got Style, http://www.mykidzgotstyle.com, will donate clothing and toys to needy families.

3. You can also help by just supplying the name of a family in need...no purchaase necessary.

4. Please contact me at, [email protected] if you know of someone in need.