aims to challenge the standards of social care in Bulgaria and promote the practice of community based care for all disabled children and adults.

We began our campaign following the broadcasting of Kate Blewett’s harrowing film 'Bulgaria's Abandoned Children' that exposed the appalling neglect of 75 unwanted and disabled children in the state-run Mogilino Institute. Members of the public, outraged at the children’s suffering contacted Kate and together they have begun the campaign to challenge this neglect and rebuild the childrens lives.

We have joined forces with an established charity, The Bulgaria Project, who have many years experience of working in orphanages and institutes across Bulgaria . Together we are campaigning to bring help into the Mogilino Institute to improve the childrens immediate situation as well as ensure that they have long term care in a therapeutic environment that recognises their right to be protected, educated and respected.

Our website explains the what, who and how that’s involved in our campaign - and the ways you can get involved to help.


This is your chance to be part of something really big!!!! The situation in Bulgaria is only now being brought to the attention of the public and this could be as big as the uncovering of the situation in Romanian orphanages in the early 90s!! Your help is needed to stop the suffering of these children and to show them that the world has not forgotten about them!!!

- Invite all your facebook friends to join this group - it will only take 5 minutes and the worst that can happen is that they reject the invitation
- Talk to people about the situation
- You could also write articles, show the documentary to your family and friends (DVDs will be available shortly!) etc!

2. PRESSURISE THE GOVERNMENT both in your home country and Bulgaria:
- Write emails to your MP and MEP - a template can be found on the group - this is really effective and you will probably get lots of replies - post them on the group! Write over and over again if you can!!!!
- If you are a UK citizen, sign the petition: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Children-Dying/#detail
- Write to the Bulgarian government (addresses can be found on the group)
- Write to the EU in Brussels

At present, the children featured in the documentary are still in Mogilino Social Care Home. Attempts to provide them with short-term help are being blocked by the director. Money is needed to make the building a bit better and to provide specialized staff and to train the current staff on how to care for the children. Long term plans are to build bungalows in which the children can be housed and provided with specialized help. It will cost €800-900,000 to get all the children out of Mogilino, with building hopefully starting next year. This will allow these children to have a fresh start!!

Please donate to the Bulgarian Abandoned Children’s Trust Fund – set up by Kate and her team to specifically help save the children in Mogilino. A website is being set up for this and should be up and running in the next few days – www.abandonedchildren.org.uk . Any fundraising events you can hold would be really great! The target is £250,000 by the end of the year!!!

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet, you can view it here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9176914173325307126

Kate will be writing a summary for the group in the next few days.

Thank you so much for your support – if we all work together we can make a real difference to the lives of these children.

1. No child living in care should suffer like this

2. we need to take action to raise awareness and funding and to improve the conditions for the children living in these care homes

3. we need to educate and retrain carers responsible for looking after vunerable children