To rehome and reunite 55,500 cats and kittens every year

Formed in 1927, Cats Protection has grown to become the UK's leading feline welfare charity. now re-home and reunite 55,500 cats and kittens every year, through their network of 29 adoption centres and 252 voluntary-run branches.

The work doesn't stop there though: they also provide an array of cat care information via publication, website and National Helpline, and promote the benefits of neutering for a happier pet and distribute education packs to two thirds of schools in the UK. Please explore the website to discover more about Cats Protection's work and services.


The National Cat Centre (NCC) near the Ashdown Forest, Sussex, is the latest development in Cats Protection's history. The site combines all the elements of the charity's work - cat adoption, education, veterinary care and administration.

Cats Protection rehomes and reunites 55,500 cats per year, but with a feline population of around 9.2 million we know that more needs to be done. The 202 pens at the NCC will, in time, allow to rehome up to 3,000 more cats every year.

I created this Facebook "Fan" page, To show support to the hard work Cats Protection does.

Please visit their site: http://www.cats.org.uk

Our family adopted 2 cats from "cats Protection"
They ensure all cats goes to good homes and will be loved and cared for by home visits.

Some useful facts and figures about Cats Protection, the UK's leading cat welfare charity, founded in 1927...

We have over 6,500 cats and kittens in our care at any time.
We rehome and reunite 55,500 cats every year.
We help to neuter 100,000 cats per year.
We have 29 adoption centres spread across the UK.
256 branches are run by volunteers nationwide.
We have 6,800 active volunteers.
We reunite 3,500 cats with their rightful owners every year.
Our helpline answers over 100,000 calls per annum.
Two-thirds of UK schools make use of our education packs.

Why cats come into our centres...
Reason..............per cent

Stray/abandoned 31.5
Owner circumstances 19.3
Kittens 14.2
Cat transfer within CP 9.3
Problem behaviour 7.4
Can't cope 4.8
Allergy/asthma 4.6
No reason 3.3
Too many cats 2.2
Owner pregnancy/child 2.1
Cat ill/pregnant 1.2
Other 0.1

1. Finding good homes for cats in need

2. Supporting and encouraging the neutering of cats

3. Improving people’s understanding of cats and their care