Economic Empowerment of Black Community

No ethnic group in America has suffered more than African Americans during the current economic crisis, some call, "The Great Recession." We also know that there will be no programs coming from the US government, that are SPECIFICALLY targeted to African Americans.
The alarm has been sounded. Are YOU willing to answer the call?

Our cause is to stimulate suddenly, quickly and strategically the growth of Black-owned businesses. Together we'll bring good jobs and businesses where they're needed most in America - the Black Community. How?
By making a direct, positive impact on the economic realities of the Black business community -- and laying a foundation for building generational wealth.

We're connecting consumers, Black and non-Black, -- directly to Black business owners that we identify. We want to "BUY BLACK" -- FOR REAL!

Join our cause today! We have a network of others that are of like mind. Are you familiar with the Empowerment Experiment? Do you know about iZania.com? NAMD? www.blackeconomicdevelopment.com? How about GPSBlack.com? been to www.normbondmarkets.com?

Join our cause and you'll learn more about each of these incredible partners and more!

Without economic empowerment the Black community will continue to suffer in terms of community development, education, health, political empowerment and a host of other issues. You can make a difference by joining us today and spreading the word that REAL SOLUTIONS have arrived. Too often all we hear in regards to supporting Black-businesses is *crickets*.. We're putting an END TO THAT!

If you like what you've read so far then join "Aid Business Growth of the Global Black Community" NOW!

We CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to support Black-owned businesses. We're developing a road map for millions to do so. Not just in the U.S. - but we're connecting to our Black brothers and sisters GLOBALLY!

To learn more, visit http://www.blackeconomicdevelopment.com or call (215) 796-0206

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2. African American Consumer Spending will reach $1.2 trillion by 2012

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