PETA wants you to "Sign the Pledge to go Fur-Free"!

I must spread the word about the horrible Chinese Fur Trade. Please make the "Pledge to go Fur-Free!" There is a video on PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website but I heard it's too horrifying to watch, so there is a description below. PETA asks you to pledge!

You don't need to watch the video its just too horrific but we have to try and stop this brutality. It's about animal rights.

With a hidden camera, animals were filmed being SKINNED ALIVE. They say it's done to get a more perfect ''cut''. Afterwards the carcasses are tossed into a pile, still alive,
and for up to 10 minutes you can see their hearts still beating, in agony, their eyes still blinking, and the puppies little paws still shaking. There was one pup that still lifted his head and gazed at the camera with bloodied eyes.

Do not click on the link, you have been warned - it's just too gruesome to watch.

Something needs to done to stop it. Thanks for your support.

1. http://www.peta.org/feat/ChineseFurFarms/ftf.asp

2. If you love animals, please take the pledge to save them!

3. What hunters, in particular, should understand is that animals deserve to live and share this world with us.

4. We are not the kings of the world, we are merely mammals sharing the world with other beings.