Peine Ridge Church | A goal for our cause

Planting a church is hard work. That's why up to 80% of plants fail. Not only does it take a concerted effort towards prayer and evangelism, but it also requires financial resources. To give you an idea of what kind of resources we're talking about: $15,000…Read More

public donations

friends- many of you have asked if it is possible to make the donations on this site private. unfortunately, we have no ability to do that. please understand that we deeply care for and respect the privacy of our supporters. if you do not feel comfortable…Read More

thank you!

Hi- Thank you so much for joining the Peine Ridge Church facebook cause. We're blessed that you would help us plant this church! In the next few days, it's very important that we continue getting the word out. Please help us by completing the challenge and…Read More
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