Police to charge Buckley's attacker

A MAN who allegedly hacked off the ears and tail of a puppy will be charged with torture after a two-month psychiatric assessment. Flemington Sen-Constable Steve Taylor told the Moonee Valley Leader said a 32-year-old St Albans man was interviewed by police…Read More

Buckley goes to his new home

On Sunday 27th September, Buckley went home with hsi ecstatic new owner, Madeline. Carefully selected from over 350 applicants Madeline was thrilled to be taking Buckley home. Madeline has grown up with and owned medium sized active dogs and is well placed…Read More

Marvin's starvin' no more!

 Since arriving at the Home weighing just 42 kilos, five year old Great Dane Starvin' Marvin has come a long way. The gentle giant’s story and photo first appeared in the Herald Sun, which prompted many people - all shocked by his starved state - to call us…Read More

Buckley hits health set back

BOUNCING back from the savage attack on him, maimed pup Buckley has been hit with a setback after initially thriving under proper care. The Lost Dogs' Home were hoping to give him to a loving family soon. But a tummy bug has sent the black and white bitser…Read More

Would you like to adopt Buckley the puppy?

A month has passed since Buckley first arrived at The Lost Dogs' Home, after suffering a callous act of cruelty in which his ears and tail were cut off with scissors or shears. Now 12 weeks old, Buckley is still in foster care with Jodie, a senior staff…Read More

Lost Dogs - A photographic exhibition

Lost Dogs is a photographic documentary project exploring the plight of the dogs at The Lost Dogs' Home, the largest shelter in Australia, rescuing over 11,000 dogs each year. The series illustrates individual stories from among the large number of dogs that…Read More

Man accused of maiming Buckley the puppy facing charges

THE man alleged to have maimed Buckley the puppy faces multiple counts of animal cruelty. The man is in psychiatric care and is yet to be charged over his alleged cruel treatment of the defenceless dog. The man, 32, is expected to receive what is known in…Read More
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