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Dangerous wildlife trafficker arrested


Wildlife authorities on Saturday 18th October 2014 in East, Cameroon conducted an operation that resulted in the arrest of a trafficker with a chimp head, four limbs, and many parts of an elephant including its skin and some bones. The 34-year trafficker popular known “Angloo” was arrested as he violently attacked one gendarme who was part of the arresting team. He had to be forced before surrendering. Eyewitnesses say although handcuffed, he continued with his threats as he was dragged along to the gendarmerie brigade post. The Last Great Ape Organisation (LAGA) provided technical assistance that enabled the operation to take place.
The man who is a repeat offender was arrested on grounds of illicit trade in parts of protected wildlife species as sources close to the case say he is known to be one of the biggest traffickers in the East Region and had earlier been arrested several times some years back. What prompted action was the recent sale he carried out and two ivory tusks were sold to a client coming in from Yaounde, the nations capital. He has been supplying wildlife products to clients of different nationalities, demonstrating his international connections and recently supplied chimpanzee heads and limbs to a client who was reported to be a Nigerian.

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