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Three wildlife traffickers arrested in East Cameroon, ivory, elephant teeth and tails seized


Officials of the Forestry and Wildlife Control Post in Lomie a town in the East of Cameroon have arrested three suspected elephant parts traffickers.
During a crackdown operation carried out in the town, the three suspects 46 years old Gnao Jean Pierre, Ntynty Aleokol and Habdoulazize Issa both aged 23 years were arrested between 3 pm and 4, 30 pm last October 9, 2013 in the town during their attempts at selling 4 ivory tusks, 2 elephant tails and numerous sets of elephant teeth. Wildlife officials working on information gathered prior to the arrest and backed up by a team from the local Gendarmerie Brigade arrested the three, in quick succession when they arrived at an appointed place to carry out the transaction.

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