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Ape dealers arrested


Wildlife officials in the South Cameroon arrested two people for illegal possession and commercialization of chimpanzee and gorilla skulls.

The pair, a man aged 38 and a 42-year old married woman and mother of nine children, travelled to Ambam a locality close to the border with Gabon and after alighting from the car which transported them they did a number of phone calls and proceeded to the place of transaction. There they continued with phone calls, visibly trying to link up with someone.

The activities of the man had been covered for some time now and he was accompanied by the woman this time while officials made the arrest as the two approached a bar presumably to carry out the sale of the ape parts. When the bag they had with them was searched the contents revealed 5 chimpanzee skulls, 1 gorilla skull and a pair of antelope horns.

The operations was carried out with the technical assistance of LAGA.

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