To promote a positive image, dialogue and direct action from the motorcycle community toward achieving sustainable solutions to issues significant to our communities.

Riders United to Serve Humanity (R.U.S.H.) is a National Community Organization Initiative…a collection of motorcyclist, clubs and motorcycle-related charitable organizations and supporting action groups working to streamline the effectiveness of their community-oriented campaigns merging ideas and resources.

The ability to work together toward a common vision and direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives is the only membership criteria worthy of noting aside from owning a motorcycle responsibly. This criterion will be the fuel that will allow a few common people to attain uncommon results.

This initiative is in harmony with President Obama’s Organizing for America campaign in our journey to CHANGE America.

RUSH means...

REFLECT and RESPECT the diversity of the worldwide motorcycle community

UNIFY the worldwide motorcycle community by encouraging participation in all matters significant to riders pertaining to health and safety, recreation and camaraderie, education and enlightenment

SERVE the worldwide motorcycle community by identifying and fostering powerful strategic relationships

HARNESS the worldwide motorcycle community by taking the lead role in having our voices heard and giving back locally, nationally and globally

Join us at www.worldofsoulmc.com

1. Stop the Violence

2. Save the Children

3. Education

4. Work Opportunities

5. Diversity