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Shave for Rescue is tomorrow

Hi Members

Just a quick note as a reminder that Shave for Rescue is tomorrow morning & we're looking forward to losing our locks!

If you would still like to make a last minute donation or if you have pledged & are still to forward your donation - we are still well under target and any amount would be appreciated to help us reach our goal.

Visit my site for more information & to donate online by PayPal or Credit Card.

The end is in sight & we look forward to being part of the rescue & rehabilitation of the remaining & last Indian Dancing Bears.

Peace Out
Axelle :o)
Thankyou to everyone who supported the 2009 event Shave for Rescue of the Indian Dancing Bears. Money's raised was donated to Wildlife SOS Bear Sanctuary Fund through HSI. I received a letter of thanks direct from Wildlife SOS and Humane Society International for our efforts. It's amazing to know that at that time of our fundraiser, the last of the bears were being rescued and brought into sanctuary.

These days - the odd bear is being found kept illegally, and HSI and Wildlife SOS continue their work to buy back, place the bear into sanctuary, and educate the people on how to support themselves without using animals cruelly. Where there are laws - there are always going to be people who break them - so there still may be some bears out there who will be rescued and taken to safe sanctuary - but it's never again going to be like before - the people of that village are now educated better, and have a better understanding on why what they were doing was wrong.

The Illegal Bear Trade will be closely monitored and policed by these wildlife groups to make sure that any bear found is saved.

Sept 2012


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