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Welcome new members

It's so nice to see such great support of Shave for Rescue.
We've managed to have 194 members join in 24 hours. Awesome!!!!

This is excellent to see that everyone is so supportive & caring of this cause & I hope you all may consider a donation, no matter how small - to help us reach our goal.

Shave for Rescue is December 12th in Mackay, NQ, Australia
There has been such a positive response to our cause here on Facebook and I personally thankyou all for joining, spreading the word, caring & helping us to make this world a kinder place for animals

Please remember online donations can be made by credit card or PayPal at
(the second site is my husband - he could use some donations too pretty please)

It's 6 weeks just gone - til we lose our hair.
Even children are making pledges of 50c a week until shave date from their pocket money... This is so awesome to see... You are all restoring my faith in humanity ~ which is something you lose quite often as an animal rights activist.

Children are offering to do gold coin collection days at their school & free dress days.. The positive energies that I'm seeing are reassuring.
Thankyou all for helping the outcome be a positive one.

Big Beary Hugs
from the Sloth Bears who's life will finally be worth living

Axelle - Team Leader

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

When all is said and done
Silence ... is betrayal
(Jane Goodall)

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