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GoodSearch and GoodShop for Tau Beta Sigma

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GoodSearch & GoodShop for Tau Beta Sigma!
Tau Beta Sigma update on GoodSearch & GoodShop fundraising initiative.

The Sorority has raised +$700 since we launched with GoodSearch in July of 2007! Our potential to earn money for the Sorority is unlimited. If every one of our Active, Alumni, Life & Honorary Members and Friends use GoodSearch for an average of 2 searches per day, we will earn tens of thousands of dollars each year.

How does GoodSearch work?

GoodSearch is an internet search engine, powered by Yahoo!, which donates a percentage of its revenue to the charities designated by its users. The Sorority earns $0.01 for each search designated to Tau Beta Sigma. All funds received from GoodSearch are placed in our Trust Fund and redistributed to support our valuable programs.

GoodShop while you GoodSearch

GoodShop is an on-line shopping fundraising program from GoodSearch. No registration is required. All you do is designate Tau Beta Sigma as your cause, click on the store link & start shopping. Up to 30% of each purchase you make is donated to Tau Beta Sigma. There's an on-line store for everyone, with over 1,000 participating retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Old Navy, PetSmart, Target, Travelocity and Expedia.

Start GoodSearching & GoodShopping today!

It's simple, convenient & just a click away:

That's it! It's automatic! We can potentially receive hundreds of dollars from your participation alone.

Tau Beta Sigma for Greater Bands!

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