unite humanity and save mother earth

The idea behind the statement that is this group's name is: If I am a patriotic citizen of the planet earth then my first duty is not to my 'nation' but to the health and wellbeing of the planet. What, exactly, is a nation anyway?

This group is about realizing that the health of mother earth is far more important than petty squabbles among nations; for if the sea levels are to rise then none of our little wars are going to have mattered.

Secondarily; this group is about moral relativism and respect for other people's beliefs, the acceptance that one should think of religions as tools rather than truths. It would be silly to try to force someone trying to screw in a screw to use a wrench when they need a screw driver. Consequently, people shouldn't impose their beliefs on others. (Only the individual knows what the individual's needs are.)

If you disagree with any of this then consider what would happen if aliens were to invade tomorrow: Every person left standing would find themselves patriotic citizens of earth.

Why wait?

1. All human beings belong to the same family

2. The planet must be kept clean and healthy

3. Religions should be seen as tools and not truths