We have reached over 1000 members!

Happy New Year everyone, and with a new year comes a new cause for celebration. Our “End World HUNGer – Free Rice Campaign” has reached over 1,000 members and earned a new pixel crowd: Guild. Let our New Year Resolutions be: 1) Invite all your friends to the…Read More

We Reached 500 + Members!

End World HUNGer- Free Rice Campaign, has reached 500 members and has earned a new pixel crowd. Thank you everyone for continuing the "End World HUNGer" effort. Please continue playing on www.freerice.com and inviting your new friends. Next Goal: 1000…Read More

Play on FREERICE.COM more, less on Donate Rice FB application

Hello there, You might have a Donate Rice application on Facebook, but remember that it is NOT affiliated with freerice.com and does not donate nearly as much as freerice.com. Donate Rice claims to have donated over 100 million grains by giving 3 checks…Read More
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