God bless you

Thank you to all who have joined. The light in America is growing dimmer for all christians; keep praying and spreading the message for our Lord and saviour. Thank you once again and may GOD bless you all !

thank you to all of our members!!

I want to thank everyone who has joined this cause and has told others about it as well. May GOD bless you and may all of you have a blessed new year!!!!!

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We need to spread the word that Jesus Chris is Lord! We also need to put Jesus Christ back in America and restore this nation to the great country it once was!!

hello .. lets spread our cause to everyone !!

Thank you all for joining, we are starting to grow in numbers... but more members are always welcome , so lets tell everyone we know about this great cause because together we can make a difference in America before it's too late !!! Thank-you so much for…Read More


please help this cause grow by telling others about it our goal is 100 members, if you could get peopl eto join this worthy cause it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you and GOD bless
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