Thanks a Million

Hi Everyone, ACE recently presented our award-winning climate assembly to our millionth student! We just wanted to take a moment to say, thanks a million to all of our supporters. We truly couldn't have done it without you!  Here's a quick 1 minute video…Read More

Thank You!

Dear ACE Cause Members, Thank you for making ACE's spring Causes campaign a success! This was our first time actively fundraising through Facebook Causes and we weren't sure what to expect given our concurrent email campaign and the multiple asks we had…Read More

The secret to success...

Hi All, We just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU to our top recruiters ( Talia Borofsky (21 recruits) and Shauna MacDonald (4 recruits) for rocking it this past Earth Day and helping us bump our Cause members…Read More

Happy Earth Day!

It's our favorite day here at ACE, Earth Day! Will you support ACE by inviting 3 friends to join our Cause? Our goal is to double our Cause members by next Wednesday and we will be giving away ACE reusable water bottles to our top 2 recruiters.  Need a…Read More

And... we're back!

Dear ACE Cause Members,  We realize we’ve been missing in action on our Causes this semester and apologize. Our Educators have been heating things up in the field (reaching over 700,000 students!) and busy connecting students to other local leaders and…Read More

ACE Needs Your Help!

ACE is competing to win $250,000 this July! Please help us by voting daily HERE ( It takes 10 seconds - very minimal effort and helps us in a BIG WAY. All of our programs are FREE, we've educated nearly 450,000…Read More

Get Credit for your accomplishments!!

  Hi! I just wanted to check in and offer some end-of-the-year support.  I know you're probably very busy wrapping up the school year, so I'll make this quick -  We want to be able to give your club sweet prizes and recognition for any "green" efforts…Read More
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