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The secret to success...

Hi All,

We just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU to our top recruiters ( Talia Borofsky (21 recruits) and Shauna MacDonald (4 recruits) for rocking it this past Earth Day and helping us bump our Cause members to 154!

We asked Talia to share the secret to her success and here's what she had to say,

"I've been trying to show ACE to other people, and now facebook has made it so much easier. I sent the invitation to everybody on my facebook friends list, which took no time at all. After I invited everybody, I waited a few days and then sent a few reminders to friends that I saw as potential recruits. The reminders really got people to join, because once I sent them with personal messages, they could see that it was a real cause. I'm elated that so many of them joined, and I'm glad that it helped the cause :)" - Talia

Will you invite your friends to join ACE's Cause and help us get the word out? 

We are giving away one more reusable ACE water bottle to the top (non ACE staff - sorry!) recruiter by Friday morning (10am PST). 

And a BIG thank you to our Cause donors so far:

Kaitlin Stilwell
Suzanne Miller
Claire Siegel
Susan Gordon
Zoey Burrows

We couldn't do it without you!

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