Make Dar es Salaam safe and friendly for cyclists

UWABA runs cycle safety education programs in schools, lobbies the Government for safer and better conditions for cyclists in Dar es Salaam (including disabled and able bodied cyclists) and encourages and celebrates cycling as a means of urban transport. We are also trying to set up Dar es Salaam's first cycle messenger cooperative.

Any donations will go a long way towards helping us with our school cycle safety program, admin costs for lobbying the Government for safety and better conditions for cyclists and setting up Fasta Cycle Messengers Cooperative! Please visit our website www.uwaba.or.tz (English version www.uwaba.or.tz/index-en.htm). If you are in Tanzania, please come to a meeting on Saturday mornings! You can also donate by depositing in our NMB account - Magomeni Branch - 2052300909. For international donations we are collecting donations via Ibike which is an organisation in the US which supports us.

1. Improve road design to make cycling safer

2. Enforce laws on speeding, drink driving and dangerous driving

3. Include road safety education focusing on pedestrians and cyclists in school curricula

4. Encourage cycling as a means of sustainable urban transport

5. Protect the environment - local urban environment and global climate