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kaleb update (from the myspace page hope and support [formerly known as help kaleb])

Kaleb has been going back to the hyperbaric chamber and I truely believe that it is helping him. After the traetments he is much more alert and talkative (In Kaleb's Language). He is starting to like his baby brother a little more. They often get the choir going and start babbling back and forth. Kaleb is starting to make noises like Kaeson. Kaleb has an EEG coming up in the next month and I am interested to see if anything has changed. He is also getting a mouth full of teeth, 10 teeth are coming in at one time. Kaleb is growing into such a handsome little boy and is such a snuggler.

It is time for the 3rd annual Shaken Baby Vigil in Sarasota, FL. If you are able to make it please do, there is nothing like the support of strangers to all of the many families who have lived through this horrible ordeal. There will be many families of Shaken Babies from all around the United States. We would appreciate any support. Go to or for more information. I am unable to get the code to work for the graphics. I will post them on my page.


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