Buckle Up for Life: Watch this video to learn how to install a child car seat

Research shows that three out of four child car seats are not installed properly.* Toyota believes that everyone deserves to be safe. Which is why, in 2004, we partnered with Cincinnati Children's to create Buckle Up for Life, a safety education program to…Read More

Reaching for the Stars

Recently a gentleman named Keith contacted me and informed of an organization called "Reach for the Stars". The purpose of this organization is to help families with children who have Cerebral Palsy. Keith asked for our help with this cause, so please, if you…Read More

kaleb update (from the myspace page hope and support [formerly known as help kaleb])

Kaleb has been going back to the hyperbaric chamber and I truely believe that it is helping him. After the traetments he is much more alert and talkative (In Kaleb's Language). He is starting to like his baby brother a little more. They often get the choir…Read More


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