Building democratic societies in Africa

Idasa is Africa's premier democracy institute. From fighting apartheid, to combating corruption, to empowering citizens, Idasa has been committed to building democratic societies in Africa for nearly 30 years. Based in Africa, staffed by Africans, working for Africans, Idasa has a demonstrated track record of building the capacity of communities to address democratic challenges.

The picture to the right is of a mobile ambulance that transports the sick to a nearby clinic in Kapachi, Zambia. The women pictured attended Idasa’s Citizen Leadership for Democratic Governance training course. They developed their mobile ambulance to provide increased access to health care facilities that would otherwise not be available to a community deeply affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, malaria and various water-borne diseases. These women are some of the many community leaders that Idasa works with to strengthen civic engagement and promote empowerment.

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1. Our mission is to promote sustainable democracy based on active citizenship, democratic institutions and social justice.

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