Change how screenplays are pitched in the film industry...

It is our goal in create such a buzz through the Hollywood community via the social media platforms of facebook and twitter that within 8 months we will have "A list" Hollywood Producers contacting us expressing interest in The Buccaneer screenplay.

We believe that we will create a bidding war to not only option but to lock the rights on our Script, and green light the project for production. It is our goal to pioneer and package a new methodology to pitch scripts to production companies, producers, and studios, by creating a overwhelming demand for the movie, before the script has even been placed in the hands of the Production companies.

There are many, many worthy scripts out in the world that will never be made into films, because the process of the Pitch. Or because there are simply too many being pitched and too few executives and associates to read them all.

The Film Industry has gotten so overworked that they rely on scripts being turned in with incorrect format, margins, spacing, font etc... too much direction, too many camera shot notes, actor notes, director notes,etc...

On one hand it looks like they do this just so that they can send them to the circular file and use these as a weeding tool. Laurie Scheer Media Consultant and Development Executive even stated that if the script is bound by the wrong size brass (#5) brads and that there are only two, not three.. This seams extreme but you can understand, that if you are the person reading scripts it would be a big hassle not to have them standardized.

There are now Pitch Festivals where screenwriters pay to stand in line for two or three days to take turns pitching their scripts, during each couple minute turn, to 20 or so Production companies

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