Saving pound dogs from destruction just to make room

In the UK, dogs picked up by wardens and placed into council pounds are dying everyday. Not because they are aggressive or ill, just because there are so many.
A lost dog has just 7 days for an owner to come forward. After 7 days it is likely to be put to sleep.
If the pound allows rescues in, the dog has a hope. If he's not cute or cuddley, or if he's old, ill or dog aggressive or simpley a staffy cross- his hope is diminished. We don't discriminate- we save.
Thousands of dogs are 'disposed of' every year. We are Doris Banham Dog Rescue and we care.
Please please help us to help them. We rescued over 3000 little beating hearts last year- with more funding we can rescue so many more. Please see our website www.dogsos.co.uk for more info

1. Dogs are destroyed after 7 days in pounds if rescued don't help

2. we don't leave dogs because they are old

3. we don't leave dogs because they are ill

4. we don't leave dogs because they aren't cute & easy to rehome

5. last year we rescued over 3000 from being put to sleep in Uk pounds