To raise awareness about what has happened to our Agriculture around the World,and to keep Farmers Worldwide from being forced out of business, and off of their land.

Get informed on what is happening to Agriculture and the toll is has taken on farmers and the Environment.Don't we have the RIGHT to know what is in our food and how it affects our body?..Only we the consumer,the Citizens of this Country and all other Countries can change this by demanding Labels on food that has been Genetically Altered,Contains Pesticides ect..Please help with this Global problem.These large multi-national companies do not care what happens to us or our environment, as long as they are making a dollar.
Genetically Modified Foods: Healthy or Hazardous?
Genetically modified foods (GM foods) have been on the shelves of North American grocery stores since 1996. GM foods are foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

GMO’s are created using a process called recombinant DNA technology. First, scientists take out selected parts of the DNA (genes) of an organism such as a virus, bacteria, or an animal. Then they take that section of DNA and insert it into the DNA of another species. The end result is a genetically modified organism that has new or altered traits.

Recombinant DNA technology is a very unnatural process. It is not something that would ever happen in nature on its own.
So, how can you tell genetically modified foods apart form non-GM foods? Right now it’s almost impossible because no laws exist (in North America) that require food producers to label foods that contain GMO’s.

That is a major problem. Especially given the fact that there have been very few studies done on the safety of GM foods. No long-term testing has been done either. We simply do not know what impact eating genetically modified foods will have on our health and well-being in the long run.

Any unintended side-effects that GM foods may cause may not show up for years to come. By then it may be too late to undo the damage.

Jeffrey M. Smith (author of the books Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette), has worked with more than 30 scientists. Together they have researched and collected a long list of health risks associated with GM foods. Here are some of the results:

When animals were fed GM crops, they developed:

Problems with blood cell formation
Problems with liver cell formation
Toxicity in the liver and kidneys
False pregnancies and sterility
Damage to the reproductive system with alteration of the DNA function
Damage to every organ system

In addition to these problems, countless animals and their offspring died as a result of eating genetically modified crops.

Human beings exposed to GM crops have developed:

Skin problems
Allergic-like reactions and other respiratory reactions
Intestinal reactions

According to Jeffrey Smith, there has been one human feeding study on genetically modified foods. In that study the volunteers were fed GM soybeans. Later, tests showed that the foreign genes (that had been put into the soybeans) got transferred into the DNA of the bacteria in the intestines of the human volunteers. Is it possible that foreign DNA can get transferred into the DNA of human cells? Only time (or more intense scientific studies) will tell.

How Can I Avoid Genetically Modified Foods?
To date, there are 4 main crops that are genetically modified. They are canola, corn, cotton, and soy. These crops are genetically engineered so that they can resist disease. They are designed to produce their own pesticide or to live despite being sprayed with some pretty powerful herbicides.
Other crops to watch out for are zucchini, Hawaiian papayas and crook neck squash. These crops are also engineered so that they can resist disease.

Some experts estimate that at least 70 percent of the foods you find in the average grocery stores come from GMO crop

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