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Our First Post Announcement

Dear Members

First of all, let me explain why in English. This cause might has started from Athens, Greece but has some friends all over the world.

Eliminate Mondays & Alarm Clocks is proud to announce that His Majesty, the greatest antidote of Mondays, the Weekend itself, is coming.

For maximum enjoyment, we strongly suggest you to turn off your alarm clocks. Give them away at your enemies and do not let them close an eye.

We still try to figure out how miserable the life of alarm inventor was. Couldn't he invent something more pleasant? Was he under the control of dark forces?

If you want to take a step further, take a day off on Monday. Think how pleasant your life can be without a Monday: the Weekend lasts longer, you will not get this Sunday afternoon sadness & next Friday will come after only 3 working days!

Thank you for your support and keep spreading the word!

Please feel free to share your thoughts at the Eliminate Mondays & Alarm Clocks from Planet Earth Wall, or visit the Hall of Fame to see if you have become a top recruiter.

We wish you a great Weekend. May Mondays & alarm clocks never be a shadow at your joy.

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