Let's Spread the word about the lake problems!

Unfortunately, we are Witnessing a drama way more serious than we would like to believe! It has been a year now since we have started to see scary signs that something really wrong is going on with the lake water-algae, skin diseases and stomach problems of swimmers, dying fish, cianobacteria and even sewage smells, and it feels like somehow we have chosen not to see those signs, there is no worse blindness than the one of who does not want to see and in this case, the reality we have in front of our eyes seems so terrible that it produces immediate blindness.
What we are witnessing is the beginning of the end of a lake we all fell in love with at some point.
The death of this lake would be the death of the most beautiful one's in the world.

With this cause we just intend to knock at all the doors we can think of for ALL OF US TO UNITE TO SAVE THIS LAKE, all of us that live or love this wonderful environment, anybody of any age range, social scene, race or culture should unite in this.

Let´s put together all this knowledge, all these forces, lets share them in discussion groups, in meetings to make sure all of us understand what is going on and what can be done.

Let´s turn this into an opportunity to get together to do something, in something that this time is probably everything

1. Get Informed

2. Get Organized

3. Get Connected