To help protect children

Youth Voice Initiative is dedicated to protecting children from abuse of every kind and dedicated to protecting children from online predators.
The purpose and mission of Youth Voice Initiative is to give a voice to the countless number of children who daily become victims of child predators. These predators use every tool and deception possible to prey on their innocence. The problem has become increasingly larger and the existing laws are manipulated in a way that allows these predators to repeatedly victimize children. We believe that all children have a basic right to have their safety and innocence protected so that they may grow into confident, mature and productive adults. The Youth Voice Initiative is here to bring legislation to ensure that child safety comes first, as a society who doesn't cherish children have higher crime rates. The time is now to protect our children. We are a new, brave and bold organization where backing down from dangerous criminals is not a choice. It will not be easy or quickly accomplished since these pedophiles have created an multi-billion dollar industry out of the exploitation and abuse of children. It is therefore with great determination and dedication that we will undertake the task of dismantling their operations and provide justice for the victims. Our goals are to increase awareness and education for abuse prevention as well as to petition and sponsor legislation to make it more difficult for predators to continually offend and get off with minimal punishment. We have determined that legislation should be in place to insure that these predators receive appropriate punishments rather than escaping through loopholes. Additionally, we further hope to encourage victims to seek counseling and seek organizations to form alliances with to provide survivor support, creative outlets and other services.

Lika Saliscente - Founder/Web Mistress
Mike C. Cee - President/Treasurer
Petra Luna - Vice President
Cory Martell - Secretary/Advertising


1. Cliff Chief

2. Lika Co-Chief