blood results for june 8/11

I recieved bad blood counts of friday my platelets are lower than they were when i was at my worst it is 75( normal is 150-400)...white blood cell count is 2.1(normal is 4-11,and red cell count is at 3.56(normal is 4.50-6.00) hemoglobin is 105(normal is…Read More

bone marrow results

AWESOME NEWS TODAY FROM MY ONCOLOGIST!!! In the last 2 months the chemo did its magic,as of today i have no leukemia cells in my bone marrow!!!! I still have to go for blood work every month so oncology can monitor my blood counts but my next oncology…Read More


I have finished chemo for now.I seen my oncologist on nov 30th and was told that we are going to wait for 2 months to do a bone marrow biopsy..Then once the results come back i will have a better idea where i am at...thank-you everyone for your love and…Read More

invite your friends

well we are at 665 people far more than i ever expected!!! thank-you everyone!!! lets see how many more people we can get to join the cause!!! invite all your friends!!!

round 5

well round 5 started yesterday....round 5 day 2 tomorrow...can not wait until chemo is done!!!


just finished round 4 of chemo,and i feel good...thank-you everyone for your support!!!!

finished round 3 of chemo

well i just finished round three of chemo....6 more months to go!!!!
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