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Press Release of July 10th 2008

Jean- Luc Romero, president of ELCS, is happy that the G8 have taken a stand on the freedom of circulation of HIV infected people and hopes that the statements will finally result in concrete measures.

Jean-Luc Romero, president of ” Elus locaux contre le sida” is very happy that the G8 , in its final declaration, took a firm stand on restrictions to the freedom of circulation of people affected by the Hiv/Aids virus in the world.

The final declaration mentions that ”the G8 supports ongoing work to review travel restrictions for Hiv positive people with a view to facilitate travel and we are committed to follow this issue”

Let us be aware of the fact that this declaration is far from being trivial and was certainly the consequence of tight negociations : indeed among the G8 countries, there are some who still apply discriminatory measures to HIV infected people. For example Russia and the United States still forbid people affected by the virus to enter their territory even for a short visit. Canada still applies restrictions for stays that exceed three months for HIV infected people.

Globally nearly half of the member countries of the United Nations have such restrictions. In 13 countries, Hiv infected people are not even allowed in, not even for a short visit.

It is great news that the G8 have taken this stand but ELCS demands now that the declarations should be followed by concrete measures.

ELCS will present a poster during the international conference in Mexico and an information file about this issue in three languages.

Information file available on the website :

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