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AOA How are you all doing? Please share links of offensive groups on the cause or with me on my wall so we can tell everyone in the cause and report them to everyone. Thank you Nehal


AoA, Last night i logged into facebook for the first time since the boycott had started and i was amazed to see the number of our members ALHAMDULILLAH. Apart from that it has come to my knowledge that the boycott was really successful and had rendered huge…Read More

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AOA Guys please invite more people and spread the word! Nehal Khan

Check out the petition

To all my muslim brothers and sisters AOA, please check out this petition i have posted on the cause wall for our brothers and sisters in Gaza thank you Nehal


AOA everyone, First off all i would like to thank you for joining. Secondly i would like you too invite more people please.# Thank you Nehal Cause Administrator

thanku and invite

AOA thank you allfor joining, this is indeed a great thing as we love Allah, for He is the creator, and He is the worthy of ALL praise    Nehal Khan Cause Creator
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