Stop Emotional, Verbal and Mental Abuse

Most people think abuse is has to be physical or sexual, but in reality, alot of abuse is the kind you will never see. You don't see buises. Mental and emotional abuse is a very common form of abuse, but since it's hard to prove, no one really knows about it, or helps to stop it.

Not every vicitm makes it out alive. Mental and emotional abuse happens in relationships, as well as in schools. Cursing or insulting someone, is a form of mental abuse.

Help put a stop to it now, before it's too late. Awareness is a key as well. If no one knows what mental abuse can do to someone, no matter their sexe or age, maybe they will join the cause and help fight against it.

Some people kill themselves. It's a hard truth to accept, but alot of them have been mentally and emotionally abused, whether it was by co-workers, classmates, their spouse or partner or even their family members. One negative comment or insult eventually builds up with all the other negativities in an individual's life.

Please help by joining my cause, to start a new beginning and end the vicious circle or mental and emotional abuse. Join and help put a stop to mental abuse, whether it be to a woman, a child or even a man.

Please think twice before insulting someone, teasing them for being different, verbally, emotional or mentally abusing them. Don't give them a reason to end their precious lives, because of one person's negative opinion about them. Because of one bully.

Life is too precious to lose over one bully's negative impact on another's life. No one deserves to be treated differently or negatively, no matter what their status in life. Everyone deserves to be loved equally. No matter their religious beliefs or country of origin.

If you insult someone behind their back... do you honestly think they don't know or hear what has been said about them. Some people learn or are strong enough to hold their heads up high and ignore those whom hurt them... even people who claim to be their friends.

So please, join this cause and help educate others about the invisible abuse. Like a ghost, no one can see it. But those who are or have been victims, sure know it exists, and know it's there. Only by educating others and supporting the cause to fight against the abuse no one talks about, can we help the world understand and take the next step to a better world.

1. Others don't have the right to mess with your mind.

2. Sociopaths only care about fulfilling their own needs and desires - selfishness and egocentricity to the extreme.

3. When asked why a woman doesn’t leave her abuser, I don't know for certain, but I say: Women stay because the fear of leaving is greater than the fear

4. If one cannot be thankful for what they are, they should be thankful for what they have - freedom.

5. To be a survivor–first you must bleed. You bleed all that was inside of you: the pain, the memories, the fear, the wounds fusing together, the ties to