Over-Whelming Response to the Noble Cause!

Just to tell my cause members I, Dawood Yousuf, the primary Administrator of this cause would like to congratulate all my fellow cause members that our cause is becoming famous day-by-day and more people are talking about this Issue. Thankyou all for…Read More

Clarification, dear cause members!

Assalamulaikum, Let us clear a few points; 1.This cause has no affiliation with IRF, Peace TV or Dr. Zakir and any of his associates! 2.This cause aims at the whole world to accept that what Dr. Zakir has done in past 2 decades, even presidents and whole…Read More

Dr. Zakir's Victory in Court!

Assalamua'likum Au'dhubillaahi minasshhaytaan i rrajeem "for verily Allah is with those who believe!"(Al-Qur'aan chap:8 verse:19) AN ISLAMIC scholar barred from entering the UK for his “unacceptable behaviour” has won the first round of his court battle…Read More

Please check our discussion board-about Dr. Zakir Naik's Victory in the court!

Salam to all members! Dear Members, please check our dicussion board regularly! More interesting topics to come! Moreover, if you want yourself to be well informed about the happening in the Global Muslim World, please…Read More

Facebook has a global Muslim News Page-Do join it!

Assalamualaikum dear valued members, To surpass the biased media in the world and to give true news about the muslim world , There is a news page on facebook by the name of Muslim World Wide News. kindly share its link on your wall and invite all your…Read More


Assalamualaikum I Dawood yousuf as The primary Administrator of this cause want to congratulate all the members of my Cause that this noble and unique cause has reached 1000+ members and i hope that all of you would invite your cantacts to this…Read More

NDTV 24x7 Disscussion "We the People"

I saw what the hell was going on....Dr Zakir was so curiously waiting for Burkha to let him speak...but...HATS OFF TO DR.ZAKIR NAIK, he didnot utter even a word without permission neither did he interrupt anybody...It is a sign of a True Muslim. SHAME ON…Read More


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