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Marie and millions more

Just one year ago we wrote to supporters like you with devastating news of a massive earthquake that had struck Haiti, leaving millions homeless and hungry.

This was the start of a year full of challenges – but also, thanks to you, remarkable achievements. Whether you joined our community, donated, took our hunger quiz, played Freerice, or told others about our work, you made a difference in the lives of others.

Take pride in the positive results you helped create.

Haiti, One Year Later

Within 24 hours of the January 12 earthquake last year, WFP began distributing food. At the height of the emergency, we were feeding a third of the population. View the photo gallery (

One year later, we’re implementing programs that:
•    Provide a hot meal every day to 1.1 million children
•    Create jobs for thousands of Haitians which increases food security for hundreds of thousands
•    Allow WFP to quickly reach the most vulnerable in the next emergency

Meet some of the people you’re helping in Haiti (

Marie Anika has never actually been in a bank, but she finds them fascinating and wants to work in one when she grows up. What helps her study is a warm meal at school. There’s not always food at home. Meet Marie (

Jean Claude Belizaire, a dairy farmer, is central to WFP’s support of local production and markets. The milk from his 10 cows and neighboring farms has become part of the school meals program. Meet Jean Claude (

Farah Bocage was 8 months pregnant and washing clothes in the yard with her daughter when the earthquake hit. Their house collapsed on her husband. Without food from WFP, “I don’t know what I’d do,” she says. Meet Farah (

In 2010, you delivered hope and help when it was urgently needed. Backed by your commitment, we can achieve even more in 2011.

Thank you,


Richard Leach
President and CEO
World Food Program USA

P.S. Take our Haiti Hunger Quiz ( and feed a Haitian child!

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