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Haiti: Your Support in Action!

Dear Cause Supporters,

What I'm seeing first-hand in Haiti is beyond imagination, beyond what the media can possibly capture on television. The level of human suffering is so deep and so widespread. I think every single family in Haiti is grieving because someone they know, either a family member or a close friend, has been struck by this tragedy.

Since the earthquake hit one week ago, United Nations World Food Program (WFP) teams have managed to get more and more desperately-needed food out to the Haitian people. We are working around the clock, increasing each day the number of ready-to-eat meals (so far 200,000), and distributing other essential items like water purification tablets from our humanitarian partners.

Our most experienced people are on the ground, providing critical coordination support for the mountain of relief goods streaming in by road, sea and air. And I'm proud to say our emergency telecoms experts have managed to restore phone links and email for the entire humanitarian community, services which are so vital for the relief operation and the safety of aid workers.

Your help continues to be crucial to our success. There are many ways to support WFP’s efforts:

* Donate to one of our Facebook causes 
* Call 1-866-929-1694 to donate over the phone
* Text FRIENDS to 90999 to give $5 with your mobile phone

As we face another day full of challenges, I want to thank you again for helping to support our lifeline to the millions of people fighting to survive. We are committed to doing our utmost. And with your help, we can do it.


Pedro Medrano
Regional Director of Latin America and the Caribbean
World Food Program
on behalf of Friends of WFP

P.S. – Tune in to the Late Show with David Letterman tonight at 11:35pm ET/PT for WFP chief spokesperson Bettina Luescher, who will give the latest update on WFP’s life-saving efforts in Haiti!

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